What does Papermaking Mean?

creating a web of fiber from plant cellulose (or, less commonly, from synthetic fbers). Papermakers today follow the same steps that its inventor, Ts'ai Lun, followed almost two thousand years ago: pulping vegetable matter and leaving the cellulose fibers behind; mixing the pulp with lots of water; draining it; forming paper on a sieve-like mold; pressing the paper to remove some of the water; and drying it to remove the rest of the water. Technology has sped up the process and helped to improve the smoothness, brightness, and printability of the paper, but it hasn't changed the essence of papermaking. papermaking process see also additives, alkaline papermaking, calendering, chemical pulping, deinking, dry end, drying, felt finish, felt side, Fourdrinier, grain, ingre- dients of paper, lignin, pulping wood, semi-chemical pulping, supercalender, wet end, wire side

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